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Customer Name

You have indicated that your client underwent two surgeries involving her shoulder. Postoperatively on her 2 nd surgery, while in PACU, she began to manifest seizure type activity. The surgery occurred several months ago, but her seizure activity occurs 3-4 times/week.
You have requested that we review the records in order to determine what may have caused the seizure activity.
We will evaluate the medical records as to what may have caused the development of seizures. Also with regard to the anesthesiologist’s care, we will look for any evidence of negligence and/or deviation from standard care. And on this aspect, will compare the anesthesiologist’s therapy with the community standard and determine if the alleged injury is consistent with the deviation. On completion of this report we will state at what point there appears to be negligence. This screen will be provided by the undersigned that is neither a medical doctor nor a nurse. The flat fee for this is $450.00 made to Health Information Search Inc, paid as a retainer. Please forward the records and retainer to the above address if by mail but if by courier, send to 5850 San Felipe, Ste 500, Houston, TX 77057. 

Yours truly,
C.W. de Boisblanc


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